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Frequently Asked Questions

For what type of events do Suite Occasions groups play?

Any social event aiming to extend an atmosphere of elegance benefits from music performance by Suite Occasions groups. We have extensive experience in providing the music for weddings (ceremonies and receptions), corporate receptions, holiday parties, and dinner events.

What instrumental combinations does Suite Occasions offer?

A range of instrumental combinations and soloists are available through Suite Occasions. Most typically, clients hire trios (2 violins & cello....flute, violin, cello...flute, violin, guitar....trumpet, violin, cello, for example) or quartets (2 violins, viola, cello or flute, violin, viola, cello usually). Also available are various duo combinations (violin and cello....flute and guitar, etc.), soloists (violin or cello or flute or guitar, for example), and custom combinations.

What instrumental grouping will be best for my occasion?

The number of players and exact instrumentation for a particular occasion can best be determined by this combination of factors: repertoire rating highest on the client’s ‘wish list,’ venue conditions (i.e. outdoor space? size of an indoor space?), number of guests to be entertained, the client’s budgetary realities. Given those factors, we can assist you in considering the best options. [Pricing is ‘per musician.’ See "Booking an Instrumental Group" in the PDF referenced below].

How far do you travel?

Suite Occasions groups have played in southern CT since 1985. While based in greater Hartford, CT, groups also frequently play elsewhere in CT as well as south-central MA. Our groups also perform for events in southwestern NH and southeastern VT; our northern home base is Keene, NH. Travel fees will apply (and will be quoted prior to booking) for events taking place outside of greater Hartford, CT, or greater Keene, NH.

Do you play for outdoor events?

Yes, weather conditions permitting. As is stated on a Suite Occasions contract:

“outdoor playing OK as long as air temperature equals or exceeds 70°F; musicians must be able to set up on level ground, out of direct sunlight, and in avoidance of any precipitation whatsoever.” 

Are you planning a corporate event? 

This handy PDF will address many of the questions you may have. 

Are you planning a wedding? 

This handy PDF will address many of the questions you may have. 

For booking information, contact Faith Miller at: 
cell: 860-688-1869 OR 603-876-4712                                                             

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